For our third episode, we chat about “dating for life”.  Hannah with Project XO is a date night planner and a hopeless romantic who is always trying to recreate the “perfect movie moment”. Hannah gives us the inside scoop on her niche of a business and shares some awesome tips for anyone with a unique business idea.

Project XO (PXO) is a Date Night Planning Service in the Central Coast of California. They create packaged and customizable dates for you and your significant other.  They strongly believe in the motto “Date for Life”, where there is always an opportunity to take your loved one on a date and to have a romantic, exciting, unique and memorable experience. PXO is community-based, as they utilize local vendors to create exclusive, out-of-the-box date adventures that cater to you or a small group for that special occasion.


Hosts: Derek (@dpfilmsproductions) + Jade (@justaspromisedevents)

Guest Speaker: Hannah Lique Naitove

Business: Project XO


Instagram: @projectxo

Facebook: Project XO

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DPfilms Productions
DPfilms Productions
Ep. 3: Dating for Life with Project XO

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