January 31, 2021

Kate & Sam

When it comes to an engagement shoot that’s where we get to have fun and get some awesome photos! . I love doing engagement shoots at locations that mean a lot to the couple and can capture their story, that’s exactly what we did with Kate and Sam engagement shoot. We started their engagement shoot at Cal Poly University where they met in the dorm rooms. We had such a blast taking photos their and going down memory lane with them. After we got some fun shots at Cal Poly, we headed down to the beautiful Montana De Oro Beach! Montana De Oro is BEAUTIFUL and you can’t go wrong with this location, they have the beach, woods, trails, felids you name it. We got some beautiful photos at the beach where they have the rock bridge leading out into the ocean. Yep that’s right, this thing is amazing and beautiful to take photos of.

I can’t wait till Kate and Sam wedding day, it’s going to be AMAZING!