Giant Janga fun for the whole family

Enjoy a Giant Verison of your Childhood Classic GamesĀ "Giant Jenga and Connect 4"! Let your Family and Friends have a fun and friendly competitive game during cocktail hour! What better way to let your friends and family enjoy their time while you're taking your photos.

Giant Jenga:

  • Pull blocks out of the body of the tower and replace them at the top without the tower falling over
  • Tower starts at 2.5 feet tall and grows to over 5 feet during play - Includes 54 Blocks (18 rows)
  • Fun for All Ages!

Connect 4:

  • Giant wooden board 31" x 23"
  • Beautifully finished legs and frame
  • 21 red and 21 blue 3" plastic coins
  • Fun for all ages

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