Love sign rental is $400.00 per day. This price includes setup and takedown of the sign when located between Santa Barbara and Paso Robles. Any locations further than that will be charged an additional fee.

You are responsible for any damages endured while at the venue and will be held accountable for any necessary repairs. A designated 15 amp standard 110v outlet must be supplied and be no further than 15 feet from the location of the love sign. The sign can be set up either indoors or outdoors.

Promptly on the Effective Date, DPfilms Productions shall deliver the desired Equipment to Customer mentioned on the Order Form. During the term of this Agreement, and provided Customer has paid all fees invoiced and is not otherwise in default, Customer shall have the right to use the Equipment, solely for the purpose of performing Procedures. Customer shall not use the Equipment for any other purpose without the express written consent of DPfilms Productions. Customer shall use the Equipment in material conformance with instructions for use and all such other documentation provided by DPfilms Productions for the Equipment. Customer shall not use the Equipment or allow the Equipment to be used for an unlawful purpose.

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