The following constitutes the Videography Agreement (the “Agreement”) of DPfilms Productions (the “Videographer”). Please read the Agreement in its entirety and contact the Videographer if you have any questions or concerns about the Agreement. As used in the Agreement, all references to “you” or “your” or the “Client” refers to the signer of this Agreement.


A first installment payment equal to 20% the package price (unless specified otherwise in payment breakdown) is required to reserve DPfilms Productions’ services for the wedding date.  We must receive the deposit amount within the 2 weeks following the date on the signed contract. A second installment equal to 50% the remaining balance will be due by the wedding date.  DPfilms Productions will not begin videotaping until this payment is received.  The final balance will be due upon completion of the video.  If the client cancels the production prior to the wedding date, the deposit made will be refunded to the client only if DPfilms Productions can rebook the wedding date.


Client assumes all responsibilities for obtaining any necessary permission, clearance permits, etc., which may be required for DPfilms Productions each event, public or private. Client assumes all responsibility for obtaining and retaining permission for access to any requested camera positions and is solely responsible for the quality of the final product resulting from the use of, or inability to use such camera positions. The client warrants that he/she has the legal rights to anything DPfilms Productions will videotape, including photos, musical recordings, videotapes, or any other materials delivered to DPfilms Productions for inclusion in the client's video.


DPfilms Productions is not responsible for poor audio if the groom does not agree to wear a lapel microphone, dark or grainy video resulting from inadequate lighting or the refusal of the client to allow camera-top lighting at the reception, or electrical or mechanical malfunctions on location that are beyond our control.


The agreement of the service to perform is subject to proven detention by sudden illness, accidents, or any other legitimate condition beyond the control of DPfilms Productions.  Every reasonable attempt will be made to secure a backup videographer in such an unlikely event. If such a situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package. The limit of liability shall not exceed the contract price stated herein.


In the unlikely event of a dispute and/or legal action, our liability is strictly and completely limited to refund of moneys paid directly to DPfilms Productions. Any court action will take place before a Judge not a jury. If the CLIENT fails to pay as per the terms of this Agreement, the past-due account will be charged at a rate of one and one-half percent (1 ½%) per day, compounded.


DPfilms Productions will establish an arrival time for the wedding date with the client prior to that date and remain on duty for the number of hours included in the package.  Coverage hours included in the package are for the wedding date only (unless stated otherwise in contract) and must be consecutive.  This block of time includes set-up and tear-down of equipment, transportation between venues and meal breaks.


DPfilms Productions reserves the right to discontinue videotaping in any situation (ex: acts of God, rain, extreme temperatures, humidity, hazardous locations, etc.) that could put the safety of the videographers or equipment at risk.


Depending on choice of package, one, two or three cameras will be used to videotape the ceremony.  The aesthetic quality of this video mix may vary depending upon the logistics of the wedding site and the permitted camera placement.


The Wedding couple are allowed one free revision of the Highlight film. After that any other request of a revision will be an additional $30 per hour.


Because DPfilms Productions is generally on the same schedule as the bride and groom, the client agrees to provide DPfilms Productions with a reasonable meal during the time that the bride and groom are served at the reception.  If this meal is provided out of view of the reception activities, DPfilms Productions cannot guarantee that any events occurring during the videographer’s absence will be captured.


If event is outside of local area, any expenses incurred by DPfilms Productions not pertaining directly to the production of the video (ex: out-of-town accommodations, parking, etc.) will be added to the client’s balance. Travel Mileage Cost of $15 per driving hour will be added to the client’s balance if marked in Add-Ons section.


Delivery of Final Product – Client will be notified immediately when the final product is ready. Normal editing and completion times are 4-10 weeks but can be affected by options selected and complexity of the wedding. During the peak wedding season, it can take up to 6-12 weeks for video completion due to heavy volume of editing that is required for prior wedding projects.  Final product can be picked up, delivered or mailed when finished after the final payment is made. Additional DVD/Blu-Ray/USB copies can be purchased anytime after the wedding up to 6 months after your video has been sent.  


The original videos remain the property of DPfilms Productions or their employees are property of the company, will remain the companies property and are protected by United Staes Copyright Laws (USC Title 17).  The client gives DPfilms Productions permission to use footage from the original videos to market DPfilms Productions' wedding videography services.  The client is responsible for all copyrighted music used in the wedding video (If they chose their own).  The Client hereby waives any claims for ownership, income, and any use of the video/clips. Violaters of this federal law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.


Any special requests overriding the terms and conditions of this contract must be specified, agreed, written, and signed by DPfilms Productions. 


Right of Withdrawal: DPfilms Production's discovery of new information, changes to agreed circumstances without previous discussion, or other factors which tend to circumvent standard policies may result in withdrawal. Should DPfilms Productions initiate the withdrawal, all fees will be returned, excluding booking fee as well as fair market value for all services/products already provided.  


Term/Termination: This agreement will terminate automatically upon completion of the services required by this letter of agreement.

Severability: If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable under the law, the validity of this agreement as a whole shall not be affected, and the other provisions of the agreement shall remain in full force and effect.  


Rehearsal Dinner Coverage:  If selected as an add-on, DPfilms Productions will attend the rehearsal dinner for no longer than two hours to videotape footage.  Any time exceeding two hours will be added to the client’s balance at the prorated rate of $100 per hour.  DPfilms Productions will notify the client when the two-hour time limit is nearly reached.


Additional Hour of Coverage:  If selected as an add-on, DPfilms Productions will include the additional coverage time when establishing arrival and departure times with the client for the wedding date.  Additional hours must be consecutive with the block of hours already included with the package.


HD/Blu-ray Upgrade:  If selected as an add-on, the client will receive one video on Blu-ray disc.  All other copies in the package will be delivered on standard DVD.  Blu-ray recordable media compatibility will vary according to the specific player.  DPfilms Productions only guarantees the media to work with certain models.


Hard Drive of Raw Footage:  If selected as an add-on, the client will receive one hard drive of all raw footage videotaped.  DPfilms Productions is not responsible for any material in the raw footage that may be offensive or disturbing to the client. The client agrees to not use any of the raw footage for any promotional purposes of any kind. The client agrees that the raw footage is only for their own personal use.


Custom Sketches: If selected as an additional service or included in your package, email the photo you would like an original,  hand-created black and white sketch of to Photos can be a wedding photo or any other photo. We understand wedding photos may take weeks to receive from your photographer. You may submit a photo up to 6 months after the wedding date. Once we receive your photo, we will give you an estimated time frame depending on the complexity of the photo. If you need the sketch by a specific date we will do our best to accommodate, but no guarantees. We require all photos to be clear enough so that our artists can zoom in on the finer details of the face, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth. If these areas are blurry or pixilated, it will make it difficult for our artist to create a realistic portrait for you. If your photo was taken on a digital camera, be sure to send us the original file, not a re-sized version. We will notify you if we require a better quality photo before beginning your artwork. We reserve the right to refuse to draw a photo and request a different photo. All photos will be sketched on 18” x 24” heavyweight paper using graphite, unless specified otherwise. They will be delivered in a basic black frame, unless specified otherwise. By submitting your photos, you grant our artist with permission to use any designs or original photos in company-related marketing materials. If you do not wish that we use your photos or designs in any marketing materials, email us and we will honor your request. The client gives DPfilms Productions permission to use the original artwork to market DPfilms Productions' custom artwork services. All custom artworks are final upon receipt.


Rentals: If selected as an additional service, the client must specify which items they need upon booking. You may add rentals up to one week prior to the wedding date. Availability is only guaranteed for items specified on the contract. If booked separately, with no videography package, a delivery fee will apply. Delivery fees vary depending on location and pick-up times. If items are not accessible upon pick-up, an additional day rental fee and an additional trip fee will be charged, regardless of fault. If items are not back in DPfilms Productions’ possession within three days and customer is not able to be reached, the client agrees to pay for a replacement. Renter assumes full responsibility of item upon possession and agrees to pay full replacement cost for lost or damaged items. DPfilms Productions does not issue refunds for any reason, including inclement weather. The client assumes all risks and hardships involved with having an outdoor event. Please be aware that once the contract is signed, and your event date scheduled, all other clients have been refused your specific rentals and services for your event date, and thus all payments are non-refundable.


LED LOVE Sign Rental: Promptly on the Effective Date, DPfilms Productions shall deliver the desired Equipment to Customer mentioned on the Order Form. During the term of this Agreement, and provided Customer has paid all fees invoiced and is not otherwise in default, Customer shall have the right to use the Equipment, solely for the purpose of performing Procedures. Customer shall not use the Equipment for any other purpose without the express written consent of DPfilms Productions. Customer shall use the Equipment in material conformance with instructions for use and all such other documentation provided by DPfilms Productions for the Equipment. Customer shall not use the Equipment or allow the Equipment to be used for an unlawful purpose. The customer is solely responsible for any damage that happens to the sign during their event.

Wedding Coordination: If selected as an additional service, the client agrees to fill out an additional questionnaire and agree to separate terms.

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