The COORDINATOR, Jade Preciado, will establish an arrival time for the wedding date with the client prior to that date and remain on duty for the remaining number of hours included in the package.  This block of time includes set-up and tear-down, transportation between venues and meal breaks. Additional event assistant ($100) may be required for weddings with 150 or more guests, specific properties, multiple locations, or other special circumstances. Both parties agree to discuss this thoroughly to avoid any surprises whether or not an assistant will be required.


Jade Preciado must be notified immediately of any changes in location and will best attempt to accommodate for the venue change given it is along the Central Coast of CA. No guarantees are made for services on a date other than the date originally booked.


A non-refundable deposit amount specified above is required to hold the date of your event. No date is reserved until a retainer is received. The final payment is due at your wedding rehearsal. If there is no wedding rehearsal, the final payment is due the day before the wedding. Upon client’s signature and payment of deposit amount, Jade Preciado agrees to reserve the date and time specified. The deposit amount is applied towards the final contracted wedding package.


There shall be NO refund of deposit after 48 hours from the signing of agreement due to the reservation of the wedding date. If the event is cancelled within three months of the date, the client shall pay the balance of the contract due to the high probability that Jade Preciado will not be able to further book that date. Once a balance is paid, it is NON-REFUNDABLE. Any other arrangements shall be discussed between the client and Jade Preciado. All arrangements will be put in writing. Cancellation must be in writing even if a phone call was made to inform Jade Preciado of the cancellation. The deposit amount will be transferable up to 365 after cancellation. The client agrees to not expect a new date to automatically be available.


Life is not perfect, and weddings always carry surprises and unexpected circumstances. Jade Preciado will provide information, time and advice to you to the best of our ability. However, the CLIENT agrees to hold us harmless in the unlikely event that any aspect of your wedding/event fails to completely satisfy you. Jade Preciado is not responsible for the conduct and/or performance of any vendor or venue. The vendors and venues will prepare proposals and they will invoice you. It is the CLIENT’S sole responsibility to hire, contract with and pay all vendors and/or venues in a timely manner. It is agreed that we are not acting as your legal advisor in negotiating and/or executing vendor and/or vendor contracts. The CLIENT is responsible for paying any and all vendor charges and venue fees. The agreement of the service to perform is subject to proven detention by sudden illness, accidents, or any other legitimate condition beyond the control of the Jade Preciado. Every reasonable attempt will be made to secure a backup coordinator in such an unlikely event. If such a situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package. The limit of liability shall not exceed the contract price stated herein. In the unlikely event of a dispute and/or legal action, our liability is strictly and completely limited to refund of moneys paid directly to JP Events. Any court action will take place before a Judge not a jury. If the CLIENT fails to pay as per the terms of this Agreement, the past-due account will be charged at a rate of one and one half percent (1 ½%) per month, compounded.


It is recommended but NOT required for the client to schedule an in-person pre-event consultation before the event-date to finalize the wedding details. Jade Preciado can successfully communicate all event details via email or phone given the appropriate time. For full online or phone consultations, the client must schedule a meeting time. If the client requests to meet in person, they must be willing to meet near Jade Preciado‘s location or pay a traveling fee ($0.40 per mile).


Set up and tear down of personal wedding decor is included. Items must be boxed and clearly labeled. Set up/Tear Down does not include tables and chairs. An additional fee of $200 will apply for table and chair setup and breakdown.


Jade Preciado shall be the exclusive Coordinator retained by the client for the purpose of Coordinating the wedding. Family and friends of the clients and other wedding vendors shall not interfere with the Coordinator’s duties.


The wedding couple agrees to reimburse Jade Preciado for all reasonable expenses relating directly to the wedding event itself. For example, parking fees, destination travel fees, accommodations, etc. Jade Preciado will bill couple after the event. Both parties agree to discuss this thoroughly to avoid any surprises as to what will constitute an expense and Jade Preciado agrees to supply expense receipts if so requested.


Wedding couple does agree to provide a meal for Jade Preciado and those employed by coordinator.


It is agreed that JP Events and Jade Preciado may display and use any photographs taken for advertising in ways thought proper by Jade Preciado.  For CLIENT privacy, last names may be obscured if requested.


COORDINATOR’s discovery of new information, changes to agreed circumstances without previous discussion, or other factors which tend to circumvent standard policies may result in withdrawal. Should COORDINATOR initiate the withdrawal, all fees will be returned, excluding booking fee as well as fair market value for all services/products already provided.


This agreement will terminate automatically upon completion of the services required by this letter of agreement.


If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable under the law, the validity of this agreement as a whole shall not be affected, and the other provisions of the agreement shall remain in full force and effect.


The parties agree to positive cooperation and communication. Communication is key to ensure we are on the same page for every detail related to your event. Jade Preciado agrees to offer unlimited communication via email prior to your event.

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